Yogasala designs customised yoga and wellness programs for corporates and other organisations based upon the specific requirements of the employees and leadership teams.

You can either write to us about the specific requirements for your organisation or choose from the below options:

  • Aha!
    • A Yoga Based Stress Management Workshop
    • Benefit: Practical Tips to Deal With And Relieve Stress.
    • Ideal For: Anyone working in high stress environment.
  • Befriend Your Breath
    • An Introductory Program to Understand Your Breath Through A Suit of Pranayama Techniques.
    • Benefit: Understand How To Use Breath For Healthy Living.
    • Ideal For: Those who experience sudden mood swings, sleeplessness, fatigue, panic attacks or anxiety. Also, for anyone who wish to understand how your breath affects your health.
  • Chair Yoga
    • Simple Yoga Practices For Corporate Environment
    • Benefit: Relieves stress from joints, improved attention span and focus, prevents back and shoulder pain, refreshes the mind.
    • Ideal For: Those who spend many hours in seated posture on chairs.
  • Regular Group Class
    • If you wish to schedule regular group yoga class for your employees, please write in to us with your requirements.

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