"You Bake It, You Eat It."

Did you know that cookies happened by mistake when a baker wanted to check oven heat for readiness for a cake?

Yes! Buddha Bowl is all about cookies this month.

Who doesn't love cookies! Especially the ones straight out of the oven! They make for a good snack and a fantastic dessert too!

Come...let’s bake together in our own kitchens in the comfort of our homes over a Zoom call.

In this edition of Buddha Bowl Online we will be making one of the below three cookies:

  • Oats & Cranberry with White Chocolate
  • Ginger & Coconut Cookies
  • Lemon Butter Cookies with Lemon Balm

Shipra Chenji will guide you step by step In creating the most decadent eggless cookies for the upcoming festive season.

Hariprasad Varma will anchor an exploration of the idea of annam (food) from a Yogic perspective with a blend of contemplative dialogues and healing chants relating to food and health.

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