Buddha Bowl

Healing Chants & Mindful Cooking

Welcome to Buddha Bowl Online!

We are excited to have you join us on this online exploration of the idea of Annam (Food) through Yoga, Healing Chants and Mindful Cooking. In this program, we explore how we engage with and experience food at the level of the body, breath and mind through mindful cooking, healing chants relating to food, and contemplative dialogues around the idea of food.

What’s in store for this edition of Buddha Bowl?
Home made cookies

If you are already excited to join us, please make note of the date, time and fee details below, submit the form and complete your payment to confirm your participation. Since it is an online session we are limiting participation to a small group of 12 participants. Slots will be confirmed as soon as the payment is made.

Date of Offering: 23 October 2021

Time: 5 PM to 7 PM IST (+5:30 HRS GMT)


Indian Residents: INR 1500

International Residents: USD 40

Sign up for your spot in the program here.

Shipra Chenji

Shipra is yoga trainer in the Sri T. Krishnamacharya-Desikachar tradition. She is currently pursuing Yoga Vaidya (Therapy) course with Yoga Vahini, Chennai. Shipra collaborates with Hari to anchor the “Buddha Bowl” workshop which explores the idea of ‘Annam’ (food) through a blend of healing chants and mindful cooking.

She is also a graduate in food and nutrition.  Apart from being a yoga trainer, she is also a renowned baker and is the founder of ‘Light Green Oven’. She owns a yoga studio “Bread and Breathwork” where she conducts workshops on cooking, baking and yoga.

Hariprasad Varma

Hari is a yoga trainer, facilitator, transformational coach and organisational development (OD) consultant. He is passionate about working with people and organisations in enabling them to be the best that they can be anchored on Indic wisdom. He is trained in Yoga teaching in the tradition of Sri T Krishmacharya-Desikachar and is currently pursuing Yoga Vaidya (Therapy) studies.

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