At a time when the entire world went into a lockdown and social distancing became the buzz word, we were suddenly presented with the prospect to encounter the self.

I started an online prAnAyAma course ‘Befriend Your Breath‘ two weeks into the lockdown, and the sixth edition of this course is set to launch from 25th May 2020 (Monday) as I write this post. It seemed like an apt occasion to share some of the insights and learnings from the previous courses.

One of the consistent experience for most participants during the last five batches of the program was the excitement and joy of having discovered a new friend in their own breath. Something which most of us take for granted many a time.

The breath is a bridge between our inner world and outer world. As we develop a better alignment and sensitiveness to the breath, it also helps touch deeper aspects of our own psyche and understand our emotional world in a much better manner.

I’ve come to grow in respect and fascination to my breath, the more I realise how intelligent and sensitive it is to how I am experiencing this world. Even before I am happy, my breath knows it. Even before I cry, my breath captures the sadness. Even before I shout out in rage, my breath senses the anger and shortens. Like a true friend – a sakhi – my breath shows me a mirror to look at myself deeply, meaningfully, with compassion.

Have you explored your connection to your breath?

Is there a lifelong friend waiting to be discovered within you?

Are you curious to explore what your breath has to speak to you about yourself?

If so, this is an invitation to you to join our next batch of ‘Befriend Your Breath’ online course. This is a two weeks online course on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.40 to 7.40 PM IST. Course dates are from May 25 to June 5, 2020.

You may register for the course here. For more details, contact me at or +91-9966900337.


Rediscovering A Friend
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