Rhea Dsousa

I Write

Why do you write?

Someone asked me…

I write,

Each poem a journey with many roads,

into my soul.


I write, because without it

I would choke on my own words and drown.


I write because, paradoxically

I find words insufficient

But woven with ‘pauses’…

And trailed dots…..and an absent word

they turn into something else.


A way of remembering,

way of experiencing more truthfully.

A way of being in the world, without hiding

The joys, the sorrows, the pains, the confusion,

the overwhelming gratitude.


I also write out of curiousity

To see, what wants to be seen and read

Who am I?? and what Am I thinking and feeling….really

in this moment.


A way of turning emotions into beauty.

And hoping this beauty will help create

A more beautiful world.


But mostly I write to connect.

I write to be free….to connect,


It gives me a way to be vulnerable

and make the container of my joys and struggles

available to others to pour and reflect;

on their own.


And in this ephemeral place….

hopefully we meet

you and me.

It has been ten years in the wings….the Artist….Who was born in the MI….is free.


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