Experiential Antaranga Yoga Based Workshops blending Arts, Storytelling, Music, Mindful Cooking & Yoga.

Kalā Yoga
Kalā to Sakala

Kalā Yoga is a workshop that blends yoga, reflective art and contemplative dialogues. The program is designed on ideas drawn from Patanjali’s Yogasutras and enable an experiential exploration of these ideas through the medium of art. The program is facilitated is facilitated by Gayatri Iyer (Yoga trainer, artist & writer) and Hariprasad Varma (Founder – …

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Buddha Bowl
Healing Chants & Mindful Cooking

Welcome to Buddha Bowl Online! We are excited to have you join us on this online exploration of the idea of Annam (Food) through Yoga, Healing Chants and Mindful Cooking. In this program, we explore how we engage with and experience food at the level of the body, breath and mind through mindful cooking, healing …

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Rāga Yoga Online
Exploration of Self Through Music & Yoga

Raga Yoga Online is an experiential online offering from Yogaśāla blending the musical experience of Indian Classical Music Rāgas and Yoga. What to expect in the session? Bahiranga Yoga –  asana-pranayama Musical Exploration of Self Antaranga Yoga –  Reflective Art & Contemplative Dialogues

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