Yogasala offers opportunity for individuals to engage in contemplative conversations with a Yogi Coach. Hari is trained in life coaching by the team at TAO Leadership Academy.


Individuals are engaged in Contemplative Conversations (Coaching sessions) using concepts drawn from Yoga Sutras, Natyashastra and Mahabharatha. The Yogi Coach Framework draws inspiration from the wisdom of Indian psyche stored in Indic Knowledge Systems.

“The goal of a coach is to empower the other person to do something about the question or issues they face, not give answers. Coaching to help the client find their own inner resources and wisdom to find solutions in their respective context should be the goal,” says Raghu Ananthanarayanan, co-founder of TAO Leadership Academy. You may read more about what it means to be a Yogi Coach here.

Life coaching empowers you to get in touch with your own meaning making processes, uncover hidden resources and wisdom from within, and find a way to deploy them in a way that is appropriate for your context.

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