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1:1 Customised Yoga Training in the Sri T Krishnamacharya Tradition
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Yogaśāla offers journeys to the here and now.

Depending upon your unique needs you may choose to embark on a path that resonates with you.

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Journeys to Here & Now

Yogaśāla is conceived as a location-independent platform to travel and create spaces for Yoga On The Go!

The idea of Yogaśāla is rooted in the firm belief that each individual is unique in their physical and mental composition. This means the yoga practice need to adapt to the unique needs and capabilities of an individual to enable them to awaken their true potential or to heal. This is unlike a run-of-the-mill Yoga Studio where a general yoga template is applied for the entire group.

All teachings in Yogaśāla are anchored in the Sri T Krishnamacharya-Desikachar tradition, with a special focus on Antaranga Yoga (Inner Work Through Yoga).

Yogaśāla has a global student base across online and offline mediums. Our offerings span across personalised yoga, yoga therapy, specialised workshops, healing chants, yoga retreats, corporate wellness workshops, life coaching, and tarot coaching.

Blogs & Podcasts

  • My sleep and energy is now good and my relationship is working well because I feel calmer and happier. I feel more flexible and that I understand my body better. Also, my breath has become more clear.

    Hari is an amazing instructor! I was never a fan of yoga before but he makes me fall in love with my practice more as we progress. He plans the course according to my needs or likes or mood for the day. He’s extremely professional in the way he plan the classes.

    Utthara Unni

    Dancer, Actor, Filmmaker
  • I can see how my overall energy levels have increased and I’m able to hold the intention to withdraw my engagement in areas that drain me. The thing that drew me to Hari’s teaching was the amount of importance and attention he places on the breath. I think a HUGE chunk of my judging mind has dropped after I began my 1:1 yoga practice. I am a lot more accepting of myself than I used to be before.

    Hari is the coolest Guru there can be! Quite honestly it took me sometime to even realise that he was my ‘teacher’ – just because his presence is very comfortable and calming. Hari has a very systematic approach to my practice and ensures that he tweaks it from time to time depending on where I am – physically as well as mentally. He also challenges me to push myself when he believes I’m ready – but never too much. That balance is something I am hoping I can eventually figure out for myself at some point.

    Namrata Anantharam

    Chartered Accountant, E&Y
  • Yoga has had a calming influence on me. My sleep pattern has improved and the energy levels have gone up. There has been a marked improvement in mobility, flexibility and strength.

    Hari has been a fantastic guru! He is very patient and takes time to focus on the right technique.

    Ravi Seelamsetti

    CEO, Kreative Organics Pvt. Ltd.
  • I had GERD and anxiety issues when I began 1:1 yoga sessions with Hari. Both are now in control and their frequency have reduced a lot. The practice of yoga has helped me in maintaining my energy levels throughout the day along with becoming more “aware” in general. The flexibility of my body has increased significantly, and I feel more calm in mind.

    Hari has been successfully guiding me through the online practice sessions. I also find the brief coaching session at the start of session very helpful!

    Sudipta Shaw

    Program Manager, TCS
  • The yoga practice is the time I reset and centre myself. I experience greater awareness, flexibility, centredness, and reduced anxiety. 

    Hari has been holistic and solution-oriented partner. The focus is not limited to designing a prescriptive yoga practice week after week and wind up. He has been a partner who checks in every week, connects to take stock and help you progress at your pace.

    I love that he is someone who is invested in all aspects of my wellbeing – yoga, reflective questioning, ayurvedic solutions, applicative workshops, etc. wherever the need takes us. His yoga sessions have added significantly to my learning, awareness and personal growth.



    Creative Entrepreneur
  • I feel my overall sense of wellbeing and energy has improved, along with my body mobility, flexibility, and strength. I have a greater awareness of my breath and more centred after starting the personalised yoga practice.

    Hari has a wonderful connect with his students and his attitude to teaching is excellent! His passionate attitude to teaching coupled with good planning, articulation, and communication skills make his classes very effective and enjoyable.



    Cdr Deepak Adhar

    Managing Partner, Perspectives Learning

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