Personalised Yoga
1:1 Customised Yoga Training in the Sri T Krishnamacharya Tradition
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Yogaśāla offers journeys to the here and now.

Depending upon your unique needs you may choose to embark on a path that resonates with you.

Journeys to Here & Now

Yogaśāla is conceived as a location-independent platform to travel and create spaces for Yoga On The Go!

The idea of Yogaśāla is rooted in the firm belief that each individual is unique in their physical and mental composition. This means the yoga practice need to adapt to the unique needs and capabilities of an individual to enable them to awaken their true potential or to heal. This is unlike a run-of-the-mill Yoga Studio where a general yoga template is applied for the entire group.

All teachings in Yogaśāla are anchored in the Sri T Krishnamacharya-Desikachar tradition, with a special focus on Antaranga Yoga (Inner Work Through Yoga).

Yogaśāla has a global student base across online and offline mediums. Our offerings span across personalised yoga, yoga therapy, specialised workshops, healing chants, yoga retreats, corporate wellness workshops, life coaching, and tarot coaching.

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